2017 Conference & Expo Agenda

2017  Event  Agenda *:

9:00 am       Check In & Registration, Morning Refreshments Offered

Show Floor Opens

10:00 am    Creative Solutions Presented by Sennheiser 

10:35 am    Leveraging New Technologies to Drive Employee Engagement & Performance Presented by Nice Systems

We live in a world where we hear about such technologies as artificial intelligence, machine learning and predictive analytic, and the question becomes how do they play a role in the contact center to help employees.  At the same time, most people have a dominant personality characteristic, often categorized by such terms as “Guardians, Integrators, Pioneers, etc”,   and we need to be able to understand and personalize the contact center processes to get the best results.  This session will touch on how new technologies are reshaping contact center operations to take employee performance and engagement to the next level.

Presented by Rich Correia, Dir.of Product Marketing – WFO, NICE Systems

11:10 am   Studies in Innovation – Keeping On Top of Your Game using AWS-Hosted Contact Center Services Presented by Chris Adomaitis, Sales Engineer, Serenova Session Presented by Serenova

11:45 am    Session Realizing A Connected Digital Experience: 5 Actions For Your Contact Center Presented by Cisco & Upstream Works

With consumer expectations rising faster than companies can keep up, the contact center is a more critical element than ever in helping companies compete.  The session will help contact center professionals understand the market forces affecting their operations and offer practical tips and insights to offer a “Connected Digital Experience”.

The discussion will offer a blend of:

  • technological,
  • operational, and
  • business outcome insights

The goal will to be help guide and prioritize initiatives to improve customer experience in the era of digitization.

12:15 pm    Digital Crisis or Redemption – Findings and Trends from Dimension Data’s

 2017 Global Customer Experience Benchmarking Report

Presented by:  Matthew Saskin, Managing Principal Consultant, Customer Experience Practice, Dimension Data

Digital Crisis or Redemption?  Join Matthew Saskin, Managing Principal for Dimension Data’s Customer Experience Practice as we provide an overview of key findings and trends from this year’s Global Customer Experience Benchmarking Report.  The Global Customer Experience Benchmarking Report provides a comprehensive global overview of the state of multi-channel interactions and customer management in contact centers.  Frequently cited by industry analysts and quoted in the media, the Dimension Global Customer Experience Benchmarking Report is widely acknowledged as the most useful, authoritative and comprehensive report of its kind.  It's designed to provide a single point of reference on key aspects affecting customer management in today's contact centers.


12:30 pm    Three Course Plated Luncheon for All Attendees & Sponsors

Sponsored by Aspect

1:15 pm      Case Study Sponsored by EarthLink  

How digital transformation is driving an Omni-channel customer experience

Consumers and businesses continue to embrace digital platforms with breathtaking speed. As a result, expectations for seamless anytime, anywhere, Omni-channel sales, support and delivery vehicles have risen. Contact centers must establish both a strategy AND a platform designed to meet them.

In this session, you will learn about:

1. Trends impacting digital customer interaction and experiences

2. Technologies enabling Omni-channel support and how to harness them

3. Lessons learned from early adopters

We’ll also share real world insights from organizations addressing digital transformation in the contact center to help you plan the road ahead.

Learn how you can overcome all three challenges “in the cloud.”

1:50 pm      Case Study Sponsored by Adapt – Presented by Diane Durkin, President & CEO of the Loyalty Factor

Change Your Thinking, Change Your Culture

Positive thinking is not just a motivational idea – it has a measurable and constructive effect on an organization.  According to Gallup, only 32.5% of the workforce is engaged.  The more positive and optimistic your people are, the more productive your organization will be.  In this session, Loyalty Factor president Dianne Durkin will highlight and build insight into how you can encourage and empower your people to think constructively about their fellow employees and the organization as a whole.  By developing a culture that is not afraid of changing, leaders can energize their entire organization for peak performance. 
  • Explore Reframing techniques to infuse optimism into everyday thinking
  • Establish an integrated plan to nurture a culture of trust between all levels of the organization
  • Outline the stages of implementing change and overcoming resistance
  • Discuss steps to transition from conservative leadership to an optimistic leader
  • Highlight empowerment techniques that will encourage individuals to outperform and accept additional responsibility
  • Discover the link between optimism and infusing innovation in processes and procedures

2:25 pm      Afternoon Keynote - "Disrupt Yourself: Steps to Achieve Mastery & Success"  Presented by Vala Afshar, Chief Digital Evangelist, Salesforce.com

3:15 pm      Raffle Prizes Awarded

3:30 pm      Behind the Scenes Tour of Gillette Stadium

Sponsored by injixo & The Call Center School, Gladly, and Bright Pattern

4:00 pm      Event Concludes

*Final program subject to change


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