The Northeast Contact Center Forum was formed in 2001, as an unbiased “user group” to facilitate the exchange of ideas among contact center executives and managers. Since that time, the NECCF has grown and remained committed to addressing the day-to-day management concerns, and strategic planning needs, of contact center professionals throughout the region, the nation, and the world!

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Besides the, the largest and most active contact center group in the nation, there are other regional groups that may make sense for you to connect with:


The classic question we all need answered – what is the right level of staffing, by half hour, to meet my service objectives?

For smaller call centers, answering that question can be as simple as using a free, Erlang based calculator to help you determine your optimal staffing levels:


For larger call centers, in the 75+ agent range, WFM software may make sense and your staff planning person should connect with the Society for Work force Planning Professionals (SWPP) for resources and mentoring.