Sharing the thought leadership of our colleagues in the contact center industry is part of our mission:  to aid in addressing the day-to-day management concerns and strategic planning needs of contact center professionals throughout the northeast region, the nation, and the world! 

Below are presentations from our Quarterly Forums at the Franklin Country Club, our NECCF Conference & Expo at Gillette Stadium in June of each year, and from our Virtual Workshop Webinars held periodically throughout the year.  We are working closely with our vendor partners and members of the contact center community to bring you content you can use in the daily management of your contact center.

Remember the NECCF is your organization, if you have a topic you would like us to cover or would like to participate in a webinar, let us know!

We’ve assembled a rich array of great content you can use!


2016 Winter Forum Presentations

2016 Fall Forum Presentations

2016 NECCF Conference & Expo Presentations

  • Executive Talk Interview with Kathleen Peterson
  • Executive Talk Interview with James J. White, Senior Vice President and Director, Consumer Loans, Cards & Collection Services at Santander.

2015 Winter Forum Presentation

2015 Fall Forum Presentations

2015 NECCF Conference & Expo Presentations